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Children of the New World by Alexander Weinstein

If you enjoy thinking about how weird the world will be 10 years from now, short stories that stick with you, and/or virtual reality — I highly recommend you read Children of the New World.


Dear Alexander,

I recently read Children of the New World, and wanted to thank you for such a memorable collection.

The Cartographers and Children of the New World each sent me on the kind of epistemological spiral I haven’t experienced since the first time I watched Memento.

I felt the cold in Ice Age, and it conjured an image I can’t shake: looking down through a toothy hole in the roof of the house I grew up in, at the skeleton of my parents’ white wrought iron bed.

I’m still not sure whether or not I liked Migration, but I couldn’t put it down. The extreme blend of absurdity and humanity in the story was strange — but also familiar enough to make me feel like this existence could easily be somewhere in our future.

I found myself caught up the thought experiments sparked by the stories long after I finished them, and that was a real pleasure.

Thank you, and all the best.


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