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Suddenly, a Knock on the Door by Etgar Keret

If you enjoy surrealism, witty and weird tangents, and/or short stories that can construct a new world with a single sentence, I highly recommend you read Suddenly, A Knock On The Door.


I was introduced to Etgar Keret’s work by his piece in Wired’s 2016 fiction issue — A.: Only Through Death Will You Learn Your True Identity. I found the story both beautiful and terrifying, in how fundamentally human the characters’ decisions were and how close it felt to being a very possible near future. It was one of the pieces that kept me talking about that issue for months afterward, pawning the disintegrating magazine off on anyone would showed a slight interest in it.

I sought out more of Keret’s work, and recently finished Suddenly, A Knock On The Door. I was drawn in by the sharp strangeness in these stories, and amazed by his ability to create a vibrant world with just a few small sentences. In particular, I loved September All Year Round, Healthy Start, and Lieland.

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