covers of the three red rising trilogy books

Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown

If you like space operas, masterful worldbuilding, and complex political plots, I highly recommend you read the Red Rising trilogy.

These three novels take place in a futuristic world that is unique, vivid, and deep. I was so ensnared in the story that you were guaranteed to find me book in hand at any spare moment – over breakfast, at the bus stop, in bed – during the month it took me to finish them.

The first novel, Red Rising, feels familiar. It’s a bit of Hunger Games meets Divergent meets Game of Thrones — set in the distant future, when society is divided into strict castes and spread out among the stars. Red Rising did a lot of important world and character building that I enjoyed, but the story really captured me in the second and third books, Golden Son and Morning Star.

These latter books are so compelling because Brown has laid enough groundwork to really let his storytelling talents lose: the politics are both intriguing and complex, the narrative starts to pick up the pace, and the characters begin to evolve — and not always in ways that I liked.

The three books in this series are truly one story, with a plot that is clever, absorbing, and genuinely surprising and gut-wrenching at times. It’s a wild ride, and I strongly advise you to hop on.

Buy the Red Rising trilogy (Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star) on Amazon, Indiebound — or borrow it from you local library!
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